Good Night. Good Day.
  • Rise and Truly Shine

    Z Factor goes beyond just melatonin. Crafted with precision by expert doctors, it stands as your completely drug-free partner for a tranquil night of rest. Infused with four specially chosen ingredients, Z Factor is tailored to softly guide your mind and body into deep, rejuvenating sleep. This deliberate blend not only aids in seamlessly drifting off to sleep but also ensures you wake up free from lingering drowsiness, ready to embrace the day with revitalized energy and clear-mindedness.**
  • Always On the Go, Rarely Rested

    Our busy lives filled with screens, activities, and concerns, can make great sleep hard to achieve. The light from our phones and computers can disrupt our body's natural sleep rhythm. Plus, thinking about work, family, friends, and all the things we have to do can keep our minds spinning when we would rather be sleeping. Z Factor provides your body the support it needs to address the issues that come with the modern lifestyle.
  • Imagine Waking Up Rejuvenated

    Waking up after a splendid night's sleep is a tranquil and rejuvenating experience. Your mind greets the day with clarity, leisure, and optimism, while your body feels a renewed energy. The hours ahead appear not as a challenge but as an inviting adventure. As you traverse through the day, the thought of fatigue remains blissfully absent, liberating your thoughts from wishing for rest.
When You Feel the Difference, You Know It Works
01Fall Asleep Quickly.
02Sleep Soundly
03Wake Up Rested and Restored
04100% Drug-free, Non-addictive
  • Relax and calm your mind.
  • Reset your sleep and wake cycle.
Our Ingredients**
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Z Factor

Created to help you fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
Z Factor works with your body's own systems to address multiple causes of disrupted sleep. Promotes relaxed, uninterrupted, restful sleep.**
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Take one (1) to two (2) capsules 30 minutes before bedtime, or as recommended by your physician.

100% Drug-free

cGMP Compliant

No Heavy Metals

Manufactured in FDA-registered Facility

3rd Party Tested for Purity and Potency


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You’ve Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Will Z Factor cause drowsiness in the morning?

Z Factor does not leave you drowsy the next day. The ingredient GABA helps you wake up feeling rested and refreshed after a great night’s sleep.

It is a 100% drug-free, non-addictive sleep supplement.

Without food, you experience faster absorption, and Z Factor won't upset your empty stomach. It’s recommended to eat a lighter dinner.

A typical melatonin product contains 3-5 mg. Z Factor contains only 1 mg per capsule. We used this lower dosage because some smaller individuals need less, and some people are more sensitive to melatonin. It’s okay to take additional melatonin with Z Factor if you’d like, or as suggested by your doctor.

Do not take Z Factor with other sedative medications. If pain is interrupting your sleep, consider taking Relief Factor.

It is uncommon to experience vivid dreams or nightmares with the dose of melatonin in Z Factor. We recommend lowering your dosage if you experience uncomfortably vivid dreams.

You should feel a noticeable effect the first night you take Z Factor. Take nightly as needed for best results.

Z Factor is not designed for use with children.

As is the case with any medical condition we advise that you consult with your physician before taking our product.

Still Have Questions?

Still Have Questions?

Contact us or give us a call if you still have questions.
Contact us or give us a call if you still have questions.


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