Frequently Ask Questions about Relief Factor

Ordering and Returns

Q: How can I order Relief Factor?

A: You can order online at our website or by calling us at 800-500-8384 (Monday-Friday, 6am - 5pm, Saturday-Sunday, 7am - 4pm, PST). Relief Factor is not available in stores or any other websites at this time.

Q: What is the monthly cost?

A: The monthly supply of 60 packets on the auto ship program is $79.95 plus $6.95 S&H.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept? Can I use my HSA card/PayPal, etc.?

A: We accept all major credit cards, but not PayPal, checks, or money orders. To use your HSA card, you will need to contact them and get prior approval before ordering with us. Some companies will cover Relief Factor and some will not.

Q: What is your method of shipping?

A: We ship all our packages via United States Postal Service, to all deliverable address within the United States, including P.O. Boxes.

Q: How can I cancel/restart my subscription?

A: To cancel or restart your subscription, simply contact us and submit your request. We ask that you give us 24 hours to respond, so please do not cancel on the same day your order is processing, as we will not be able to stop it. You may contact us by phone (800-500-8384), email (, or live chat on our website.

Q: What is your return/refund policy?

A: We accept returns of any Relief Factor product that has the original blue and green bag intact, unopened, and unmarked in any way. To return Relief Factor product, simply write "refused" on the outside of the white mailing package and place it in your mailbox or take it to your local post office. Once we receive it back, we will issue a refund minus the cost of shipping. If the outer, white package has been opened, you must pay the return shipping costs.

Return Address:

Relief Factor by Promedev, Customer Care

11335 NE 122nd Way, Suite 140 Kirkland, WA 98034

Q: How do I make modifications on my account?

A: To update your credit card, change your address, or modify your shipping schedule or date, simply call us at 800-500-8384 (Monday-Friday, 6am - 5pm, Saturday-Sunday, 7am - 4pm, PST). You can also make the above changes (with the exception of your credit card updates) through email ( or live chat at our website.

Q: Why was I sent another package so soon?

A: We send your first monthly package (60 ct.) 15 days after your QuickStart is ordered, so that you do not run out of product or have an interruption in your pain relief. After that, we send your monthly packages every 30 days. If you prefer not to have your packages arrive on an autoship schedule, you are welcome to cancel your subscription and order on an “as needed” basis for a slightly higher cost.

Q: Do you ship to other countries?

A: We are unable to ship outside the United States at this time.

Q: Can I order Relief Factor without having the autoship on my account?

A: For other order options besides our QuickStart promotion, please contact our customer care department for assistance. We are available at 800-500-8384, Monday-Friday, 6am - 5pm, Saturday-Sunday, 7am - 4pm, PST.

Relief Factor Dosage

Q: How many packets of Relief Factor should I take a day?

A: The correct answer depends on the severity of your aches and pains. Here are some guidelines to use:

Dosage Instructions: Start with 3 packets a day. For severe pain, take up to 4 packets a day. As pain diminishes, reduce to 2 or 3 packets a day for maintained relief or as directed by your physician. Many Relief Factor customers find relief within 2-3 weeks. However, it may take longer at a higher dose to resolve longer-term aches and pains.

Q: How and when should I take Relief Factor?

A: Consistency and maintained consistency is key to seeing results. Relief Factor reaches its maximum potential when your body has the constant support of the ingredients. It is suggested that you take Relief Factor with food but not required. When taking 4 packets a day, take one in the morning, twice during the day and once in the evening. When taking 3 packets a day, take one in the morning, afternoon, and evening. When taking 2 packets a day, take one in the morning and one in the evening.

About Relief Factor and Its Ingredients

Q: What are the exact amounts of each ingredient in Relief Factor?

A: You can find our ingredient label on the bottom of our website “Home” page.

Q: What does DOM mean? Is my Relief Factor expired?

A: DOM stands for date of manufacture. The shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture. Supplements don’t "expire" the way food might but rather begin to slowly lose potency past their 2 year shelf life.

Q: What are the testing protocols for your supplements?

A: Our manufacturers obtain and provide certifications of the quality of our nutritional components prior to the packaging of each Relief Factor product.

Q: Who manufactures your supplements?

A: Our supplements are manufactured in the US by companies that use the FDA's GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Q: What kind of oil does the Omega come from?

A: The Omega is derived from wild caught mackerel, anchovy, and sardine oil, molecularly distilled to remove impurities such as mercury and other heavy metals.

Q: Does Relief Factor contain wheat or gluten?

A: There is no wheat or gluten in Relief Factor.

Q: Does Relief Factor contain soy?

A: Relief Factor does contain trace amounts of soy, as the Vitamin E in our Omega capsule is derived from soy.

Q: Is this a vegan-friendly product?

A: The dry capsules are botanical, and contain no animal products, so they should fit anybody’s definition of vegan. On the other hand, the Omega-3 acids are extracted from fish oil and placed inside a soft gel made of beef gelatin, which would disqualify the supplements from vegan diets.

Q: Is Relief Factor Kosher?

A: No. Beef gelatin is used for the soft gels in our product. Vegetable gelatin isn’t something that works well for the stability of soft gels.

Q: Are Relief Factor’s ingredients grown with pesticides?

A: These are not organically grown herbs, so there is a possibility of pesticides/herbicides, but this doesn’t mean that any were used. The herbs may technically be organic but the supplier may not have decided to go through the costly process of obtaining true organic certification.

Q: Are there any side effects from taking Relief Factor?

A: There may be some stomach upset in the beginning, especially if you are not used to taking supplements. Taking them with food will help. The Omega may cause some loose stool, and a few people have reported dry mouth, dizziness and nosebleeds, but these have been rare. Most people find that the symptoms ease as their body adjusts to the supplements. We recommend taking probiotics to help with stomach upset. There have been no major contraindications with prescription medications and Relief Factor. It is always suggested to consult with a physician before beginning a supplement regimen.

Q: Does Relief Factor contain potassium?

A: Any significant amount of potassium would have to be a label claim in the SFP (supplement facts panel). There should be no residual potassium; however, the formula isn’t tested for this mineral (or any minerals actually) as these are not normally present in herbal extracts.

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