Lead a Happy, Active Lifestyle at Any Age

To relieve joint & muscle pain associated with aging you must supply your body with key nutrients. Learn the secret of longevity using natural supplements.
Lead a Happy, Active Lifestyle at Any Age

Natural Supplements to Promote Joint Health and Flexibility at Any Age

Natural remedies in Relief Factor are beneficial for age and activity-related joint and muscle pain.

The human body is an incredible machine that allows us to run, jump, bend, flex, and move almost in any way we need in our everyday life. But as we get older, issues with joint mobility and body stiffness become more and more common. 

Our bodies, like cars and clocks, need a bit of tuning and lubrication to keep our movement unrestricted for as long as possible. 

The Secret of Effective Supplements

To relieve the most common aches and pains associated with aging – like joint and muscle pain- it’s important to regularly supply your body with key nutrients. Components like fiber, omega-3, creatine, and protein help the body address sources of inflammation in joints, ligaments, and other body tissue, promoting flexibility and freedom of movement. 

But fixing your diet and waiting for changes to happen can take a long time. One way to speed up your recovery and relieve joint pain is by adding Relief Factor’s 100% drug-free pain-relieving supplements to your current diet. 

Relief Factor, a drug-free supplement, supports joint, muscle, and body tissue recovery and movement with the help of natural components. While it is not an anti-aging panacea, the effects of its ingredients help relieve symptoms people often experience as they age.

How Does It Work?

Relief Factor’s 100% drug-free formula relies on Icariin, Resveratrol, Turmeric, and Omega-3s to support the body’s fight against inflammation in joints and relieve the aches during movement.

  • Icariin improves blood flow and tissue health, promoting bone growth and repair.
  • Resveratrol is an anti-inflammatory anti-oxidant that promotes a healthy response to biological stress.
  • Turmeric decreases swelling, relieves stiff joints, and reduces pain during movement. 
  • Omega-3, or fish oil, helps relieve joint pain by blocking various sources of inflammation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What vitamins help relieve age-related pain?

To ease the symptoms that appear with age, like stiff joints and muscle loss, you can supplement your diet with nutrients and components that promote joint lubrication and have pain-relieving properties. Relief Factor contains all of the components required for that. 

What supplements are good for aging joints?

“Aging” joints are simply overworked parts of our bodies that lose their natural lubrication and become inflamed from friction. Natural components like resveratrol, turmeric, and Omega-3’s contained in Relief Factor target both of these issues and help ease the pain during movement. 

How can I prevent joint aging?

To prevent joint and muscle pain as you get older, diversify your current diet with nutrients that promote natural lubrication and pain-relieving properties. These nutrients can be found in Relief Factor’s drug-free formula. 

How can I naturally lubricate joints?

Increase your intake of icariin and turmeric to promote natural lubrication and improve blood flow. Both of these components are found in Relief Factor and work best when combined with ingredients found in our supplement.

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